We help crypto companies develop a solid economic and financial background
Our mission is to make crypto business understandable for the financial world and broader audience, by describing it from economic & financial point of view or developing a concept of economic value for start-ups and existing companies
About DNC
DNC Consulting is a research & consulting company that assists crypto companies with a variety of business initiatives. Our core team brings more than 40 years of combined research, consulting, finance & banking experience to bear for our clients. This breadth of experience is an invaluable asset enabling us to think strategically, offer non-standard approaches to resolve the client`s needs and develop tailor-made solutions for them.
We try to cultivate long-lasting client relationships and gain a deep understanding of our clients' short-term and long-term business goals.

When financial expert or anybody, who is not IT/crypto expert, reads "white papers" or other cryptocurrency related documents, he observes a lot of new terms - "blockchain", "hash rate", "cold storage", etc. While it is natural to learn new terms when studying a new subject, we think, a lot of the existing crypto businesses miss basic thing - description of them from economic&financial point of view.

Our value
For crypto economy

Since 2014 crypto market was driven by strong demand growing by the exponent. When most of the current crypto businesses were being invented, nobody paid attention (or there was just no time) to formulate economic background for their businesses.
Nowadays, this market picture has changed considerably:
  • The market does not grow exponent any more, moreover;
  • Most of the crypto tends to slow down or go in sideways;
  • Investors don`t buy crypto-actives just because they believe in the future exponential growth;
  • Investors became more selective, educated and have been burnt multiple times by scams and market downfalls;
  • Investors have more time to analyze and think.
In the current situation, both, existing crypto-developers and start-ups would benefit from the development of solid economic and financial backgrounds for their businesses. Start-ups would need it to attract funds while existing crypto companies would gain from the increasing value of their businesses.

What value brings packing of IT-nature in financial terms? – Investors speak and think in financial language. If a crypto business is described in financial language understandable for investors, they see fewer risks and value the business higher.

For traditional economy

Focusing at crypto market, we also engage with traditional sector, helping to formulate business ideas in financial terms, review business plans, advice on financial markets move, develop investment strategies.
  • Professor (MIM Kiev, Ukraine), Principal IMD (Switzerland) World Competitiveness Center in Ukraine, Co-Principal Carnegie Melon University (Tepper School of Business) IMI Executive Academic Program.
  • Additional research projects (US): "AMEX traded securities performance"; "World HDI trends"; "Global top 100 corporations performance"; "NJ tax reform".
  • Additional research project (UA): Completed three research projects: "Financial & Organizational Principles of Innovation Cycle", "Capital Investments.
  • Published over twenty articles/monographs in academic and professional journals/magazines.
  • National Bank of Ukraine "Non-Performance Loans in Ukraine Banking System" and "Developing Benchmark System in Ukraine"
  • Ukrainian Insurance Group (Vienna Insurance Group) & Ipobank Kiev Member of Supervisory Board (Board of Directors) - Supervising investment and M&A corporate strategy.
Basic education
  • MBA Finance USA
  • PhD Economics Ukraine
  • MBA Economics Ukraine
Licenses & Additional education
  • Series 7 License (New York, NY)
  • Series 63 License (New York, NY)
  • Life, Accident & Health Insurance License (New York, NY)
  • Analyst of Securities, Broker of Stock Exchange, Ukraine
  • Tutorial on the Japanese Banking System, Sanno Institute of Management (Tokyo, Japan)
  • Tutorial on Bank Management, East-West Management Center (Munich, Germany)
Advisor to IFC (World Bank Group)
  • Worked on the development of new products for the banking sector. Advised to large industrial companies on the improvement of efficiency and development of new investment projects. Conducted a lot of audits and feasibility studies for client companies, advised to clients` top management to support investment decision making
  • 9+ years of work in the World Bank Group with financial institutions and large industrial companies in different regions
  • 15+ years of consulting experience

Basic education
  • Master's Degree in Accounting and Audit
  • Ph.D. Degree in Biotechnology
  • Master's Degree in Engineering
Additional education
  • Certificates from MIM-Kyiv Business school (Managerial Finance)
  • University of Melbourne (Corporate Finance)
  • Wageningen University (Sustainability Analysis)
We develop tailor-made solutions for our clients. It may happen that the initial client`s idea may be transformed, broadened or narrowed in the process of negotiations. Key types of our services are outlined below.
Economic and financial background
For startups: development of business models, preparation of white papers.

For existing businesses: development of business models, review and critical analysis of the existing models, "upgrade" of white papers to make them understandable for the financial world.

Business model development is based on structured framework:
  • Deep external analysis – awareness of business` External Ecosystem;
  • Study of Internal Ecosystem capabilities - knowledge of Ecosystem capabilities comprised from ecosystem contributors' competencies;
  • Setting a focus - set of goals for value proposition in External Ecosystem based on the Internal Ecosystem`s capabilities;
  • Establishing conditions for model execution – basically, identification of Internal Ecosystem capabilities addressing set of goals.
Financial modeling
Modeling of cash flows for crypto businesses and calculation of key financial indicators.

The work may consist of the following steps (depending on the scope):

1. Development/agreement with the client of key assumptions for the financial model:
  • Modeling of market penetration and growth prospects
  • Development of value concept and cost of products/services
  • Modelling and apprize of revenues and costs
  • Assessment and agreement with the client of cost of capital valuation
2. P&L and cashflow statements.
3. Model appraisal considering different scenarios.
Advisory services
Analysis of trends on financial markets
Prognosis of trends on financial markets including the review of key macroeconomic indicators and move of key financial securities

The work, typically, consists of the analysis of three key influencing factors:
  • Review of geopolitical background
  • Macroeconomic analysis
  • Technical analysis

Market studies
Evaluation of market size and growth prospects for cryptocurrency businesses

We conduct tailor made market studies for our clients. Scope of work for each study to be thoroughly discussed and agreed with the client.

Valuation/Fairness options
We are a great resource for principals, banks, lending institutions in establishing the market value of crypto assets and operations. Our research and valuation analysis reports can be completed on a stand-alone basis as well as in tandem with a broader financial/investment mandate.
Decentralized loyalty bonuses management
The primary objective of the research was to provide a comprehensive
economic study in industries with highly developed loyalty programs, such as
airlines, hospitality, retail and banking worldwide.

Another objective of the research was to put forward and test new
approaches and possibilities for sharing the value of loyalty programs for
customers and businesses that currently provide such programs.

The next principal questions for the research was whether the Bonex
Ecosystem, which functions own token (BNX), can ensure loyalty program
outcome allocations for all stakeholders to maximize long-term value for every
Bonex Ecosystem stakeholder.
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